WOYWW - not sure

My desk was completely clear, my room totally organised, everything in its place and a place for everything, and the drawers labelled with a cherry on top.

The 'boys' did my room whilst I was away as a birthday gift and for three whole days it stayed clear - now I'm doing stuff again,

they graffiti doodled and put my old logo onto my lino (which is atop my desk - a better working surface I have yet to discover) then on my return Luke redid my logo - which made us laugh because apparently it had taken them ages to reproduce the original on the desk and the new one would have taken a few minutes! 

I'm not really into teasers but did suddenly realise the stuff on my desk is a piece of work that I have to share with one person first before I start blabbing about it - Secrets Are Not Safe With Me, so even if you guess what I am doing if I keep my wits about me I will not reveal all just yet,

in the middle of my desk there is my birthday gift from Darcy :) thanks babe - looking back at you through the eyes of your new giraffe (Kinder SURPRISE) we only had to eat 42 to find this one...and you sent me MORE chocolate (whilst you are, I suspect, losing pounds on the treadmill) and I adore the fabulous colour selector...

Since I last 'saw'  the Woywwer desks,

 I joined Collabor-ART

and being in France was just fabulous as it always seems to be,

Right - off to link up, see you soon,

also for your delectation my life painting (painting no drawing this term...) this is Fabrigiano painted in acrylic on watercolour heavy paper A3

Donna Garner