Woyww - No Keyboards were Harmed

it is the most wonderful thing that as different people, we worry about different things,

Lots of people worried about my Mac keyboard a month back when if featured on my desk resplendent in the glory of rainbow sprayed colours.


Water off a ducks back, French shrug of the shoulders.

My eldest is home for Easter and asked to use my Mac to finish a Uni piece of work, he sat at my (swept clear) desk to work - hand hovering over key board only to pull them back in revulsion "errrgghhh" "Ah Mum, how can you spend so much money on a thing of beauty and then neglect is so badly?"

Hmmm - It struck a cord, so the keyboard was scrubbed.

Can't say the same for the rest of the desk though...it is covered in the makings of my latest journal page and... LYN look away now...Spyders book I made her for taking pottery notes....

see you anon Julia Dunnit Desk Lurking types.



Donna Garner