woyww- happy third birthday

here are the ATC's (Tuesday night) going in their envelopes and posted weds am - one will be with you Thursday - except:  Jennie - who I will see a week on Saturday so she gets hers then, and Carmen who I hope to meet for coffee next week whilst I am in Kent.

also on my desk is Robert's foot (a4) that I watercolour painted this evening that is a specific study for a big piece I have planned during my two day bank holiday break

It is truly awesome to paint larger than life - you MUST try it.

really, right click on the image, and you can choose 'view image' to EXPLODE it -


fun eh? - I suggest you post your ATCs and then grab yourself a blank wall....and PAINT...

I will be at Lizzies next Weds, not sure if I'll be blogging, but will try to catch up as and when.  Hope the menfolk don't pine away to nothing without me (yeah right).




Donna Garner