Altered (the Whole World)

the photos of the work I did in class are going to be randomly scattered and I'm just going to talk at you...if you want verbiage read on,

if you just want imagery then glance at photos,  and call it a day...but if you want to do this too book yourself into one of the courses (click on the links for tutor and venue information)

I would appreciate your thoughts if you have time to share them, but you are absolutely under no obligation to talk back at me...

so tell me world wide web friend, what changed your world?

I bet it was something that happened to you,

not something that happened to the world?

well in 1914 - 18  world war and Spanish flu changed everybody's world for ever.

why the war Donna?  Oh, well, Jennie Boxall gave each of us (her students for the day) a book to alter - they were a series of volumes called 'a popular history of the great war',  each of us at some point in the class started reading the books, they are CHILLING,  very deeply disturbing,

two people in the room had grandfathers decorated for their service in WWI,  I have goose pimples as I type.  I guess having just seen war horse, and having abiding memories of studying 'oh what a lovely war!' at school,  led me to want to alter this book's purpose to something other than a record of war.

My world is a very peaceful one, and filled with love and friendships. I am blessed that this last week I spent time with my OLDEST friend (she will reach every big zero birthday a calendar year ahead of me every time we have to 'do one' - and I cannot tell you how good it is to be the youngest of our pairing).

She reminded me that we have been 'together' 36 years- longer than any other relationship I have with any other human being (except my father and my brothers). I told her three times how much I love her. Really I do.

I also love that the web and art and crafting has brought people who I call friends into my life as recently as this year. 

I believe in making Tea not making War-  actually I believe in making things full stop.  It makes you too busy to fight, it does really. Also, if you give your sworn enemy the best thing you ever made it kind of wrong foots the whole war process....

- but also, I do know (if pushed slightly) I might kill in defense of my children, which, I think, is what all the Men of the two great wars fought for on my behalf...

On the subject of Tea. Kate makes the best tea ever (and at very agreeable time intervals) so you really must go get one at Pickleberries if you are even five minutes south of the M25.

as well as a strong belief in the healing properties of taking tea, I also believe in learning from others and sharing experiences and kind thoughts.  A class at Pickleberries fits the bill. Perfectly.

Jennie out did herself again and enabled us all to produce beautiful work in books that hold a dark history of destruction.


creative thoughts anyone?



Donna Garner