woyww- a naked watercolour lady

actually there is a ton of paired journal stuff on my desk,

I have tape in my atg and it still works,

thought about putting last weeks green dyed loo roll in the bathroom but relented,

Sandra de - I still have to mail you a thing- will do it (you know it will be worth the wait)

Tuire I still cannot decide and think I may just buy two,

Neet when I am back from Dolores I will mail you a thing that won't get smashed in the post

Jo - thank you I love the ATC - I have to cover this weekend - stupid hours - will contact you weds 27th which is the next time I will have more than 5 hours at home...we will speak soon - promise

I will visit desks later but it may be very late and I still have to return visit some commenters from last week,  argghhhhh


Oh naked ladies I say (here is the water colour I did in life class Tuesday 19th June) - thank you for being interested

For Mrs Dunnit - here are the details - HB (yes HB) graphite pencil sketch on watercolour paper (A4)

45 minutes contour sketch and then another 45 faffing minutes to do the right hand, zoom in and you can probably see how many times I re drew it...

20 minutes wet on wet water colour

1/2" pro arte prolene plus 008 brush,

daler rowney tube watercolours: vermillion (hue) + lemon yellow + ultramarine,  & white (to lighten tone of mixed flesh colours)

- I may do some ink lines...maybe I won't


Donna Garner