does it help when you express your feelings?

not to get them validated or anything - just to express them - kind of release them in a healing exhale, and somehow they just float away leaving space inside for other stuff?

Now I talk alot (yeah really) and I do listen too (yeah really really) and most of the people I know,  when they journal,  are not deeply angy or sad or anything any further than two standard deviations from the arithmetic mean


... we all have good days, and we all have bad days, this page represents that continuum where at any given time I range across a number of emotions, I am learning to be kind to myself,


oh and no sneak peek I have (naughty naughty) included a full monty of the happy sad stamps so you can see how I designed it intended for use as a pair with word stamps ( yes I know you fear to use your own handwriting) - Jennie is releasing the full range of all my new face stamps on the artistic stamper shop site tomorrow - Tuesday at the latest...if you hop over? -  there is chance to win freebies on her last two blog posts...


Donna Garner