Woo Hoo and they are out

Today is a Good Day -  my new Face Stamps go on sale at the Artistic Stamper Shop

this is another example of how my stamp designs can be used in a variety of projects - this time stamped onto cloth and used to create the head for my art doll.  The whole scale of the doll, and it's features were inspired by the need to create an art doll for Ann B using the sewing machine feet she sent to me. (A what's on your workdesk wednesday- woyww- challenge).

this art doll carries a spare sewing foot, an extra head, a light and some bling. She is wearing a tutu, and a crown.  She has love (detachable) and butterflies coming out of her head...unfortunately she also carrys poison...She is a dancer...

as yet I have not named her, but I will before I give her back to Ann.



Donna Garner