Extreme Crafting - Health and Safety Shocker

there are definite disadvantages to being messy and experimental if you choose to dabble in SHH, if I was at work I'd call it COSHH

control of substances hazardous to health,

if I tell you for a while we couldn't use biros because of COSHH rules, you can image what would happen if I tried to enter a works building with a bottle of real turpentine.

See I am not allowed to do stuff that could harm me or others in my WORKPLACE


but my PLAYSPACE  .... well that is a whole different world....I could do serious harm and I would just be called 'stupid'....

so I did as I was bid by Elizabeth (Bleubeard had more sense than to get involved) and experimented with oil pastels and turps (lesson 9 on her FREE altered book course online)




took it outside to evaporate ( please don't burn books soaked in turps - do all the burning before hand)

then I spayed on a cosmic shimmer mist - the oiliness of the pastels and turps 'resists' the spray - FABULOUS - it looks like green mercury (and is probably as poisonous to touch)

I might just still be high on fumes


if you fancy something less extreme - here are two ATCS - simply collaged and stamp embossed.


Donna Garner