Change your world for a fiver: 'Tis the Great British Blog Hop

Sunshine girl is hosting our GBBH

 Now it is all about Britain, and making British things.  Well, as someone that will in future be "making in France' there is only a limited few years remaining that you will be able to get your hands on my copyright work (art or craft item) that is 'Handmade in Britain".  Thereafter it will be handmade in France... will I be any less British - well we will see... for this blog hop the point is you can own an original Donna Louise Rodgers Thing that IS made in Britain.

How do we decide who gets the gift?  I can tell you the very british thing that will always define me is fairness and equality (French characteristics too), so all of you are in with an equal chance.

There are Medals and stuff for the most athletic hoppers;

1    A Gold medal dingle dangle bag charm and you can pick anything I made that you want from my desk - you can see my desk on any woyww post (put woyww in the search and all the woyww pages will display or just move backwards to old posts...) - I am adding one proviso to this offer - if you choose something big or heavy you will have to cover postage).


2.  The makings of a Silver Disc photo album fridge magnet (full kit) and your choice of one out of any of my face stamp designs (the video shows you how to use the kit) the photo is the one I made - yours will come with all the necessary bits to make one the same -  or you can use your own photos if you wish.


3.   A bag of bronzed british bits (my goodness think special lunch packs) and a free stamp (my design).


How do you win???

Leave a comment on any blog post on this website anytime up to the Olympics Closing Ceremony, tell me what you want as well as the bag charm (should you be so lucky as to win Gold),  then fill in the email or your website details in my comments box.  I can track comments by date so you can choose to comment on any blog post you like, you will enter the draw.

I will draw the winners ( Gold, Silver then Bronze) after the London 2012 Olympics Saturday's closing ceremony.  I will eMail you for your postal address. 

Now then folks - this site is about me - Donna Louise Rodgers - A GREAT BRITISH GAL - and my ART AND CRAFTS so lets get making....

 the video shows you how easy it is to make special is thirty minutes, so get a cuppa and a cake,

Shopping list:

1. Magnetic ikea tin (three for five pounds and every Britisher loves a Bargain)

2. eyelets (OPTIONAL)

3. cord ribbon or raffia

4. a couple of beads (optional)

5. Cardstock

6. photo corners (optional)

7. Photo's




you can use other tools too (I do in the video) but it can all be done with just a pair of scissors really.  It is ideal for older kids who need to be kept occupied on a rainy is a real opportunity to share your family history with them - describing the events and people in your photographs.  Or maybe they would like to do a jubilee/olympics memory book?

just follow the video - (click play on the triangle and use the arrows to make it full screen).


 if you want to know more about me and my makings - just browse the site...


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