woyww - giveways and a fridge

to clarify the title I am not giving away my fridge... here is my desk

tomorrow, and through out the week, i am joining in the Great British Blog Hop, and this (above) is one of the Great British makings i will be giving away, my Homage to Olympian Crafting Spirit - see the gold 'medal'???  These items will be fashioned into a handbag dingly dangler


there will also be the chance to get your hands on one of my stamp designs for free...(you can pick your design if you are the winner)

I am also offering the lucky winner the chance to pick something I have made (except my collaborart or personal altered books) off of my desk - ( hence I posted the 'advert' today so snoopers have a chance to go back over my woywwer posts and see what they can find...

I remember the fun I had rooting through all Voodoo Vixens (Annettes) desks when she offered me the same opportunity, I received two treasured gifts.

'We' do a special post when it is our showcase day on the GBBH - so at the weekend I made a 'me as I was' photo album and stuck it to my fridge - I think it worked out well, I may just make a video of 'how to' and put it in the tutorials section for my blog hop day

my fridge is full of magnets

so, thank you for visiting today - and I would like you to come back on Thursday and generally go see SUNSHINE GIRL who is hosting the Great British Blog Hop.....

Donna Garner