Out of the journal week two

So this is my second week with Dina.   Blank white canvas - and I didn't want to use paint

  it started with a face,  and a figure and Chanel, and Paris and Elegance

I just drew straight onto white canvas with coloured Sharpie permanent markers (bright green and bright yellow)  I used Muji pens to shade in the clothing, 

collage compostion copyright donna louise rodgers, face stamp = blockheads,,  paris stamps = christina renee

collage composition copyright donna louise rodgers

I covered the canvas with distress inks and stamped on the Paris images,  i ripped strips of paper and stuck them on

I over stamped, I 'painted' more distress inks on,

I added a book by doing a crochet string to one of my mini burnt waxed acetate bound books,  and hooked it onto La Tour, then, to balance the composition, I added one of my altered mini perfume bottles top right ( left as you look at it) ,  the canvas hangs on the wall backed by a wrapping paper ( paper chase french ephemera)

I Just am too tired to paint the detail of the whole face so I  gave up and stamped it onto french dictionary paper and stuck it on...



"she moved like paper - she fluttered by"

Donna Garner