where have I been

I have been here and there....

and when I have been home I have been making books for people who are leaving work, we have a lot of people leaving at the moment, and I have a reputation for 'memory' books.

I make a book to remember us and our workplace

totally hand made, containing photos, drawings, emails, greetings, salutations, wishes, blessings, and all that good stuff.

of course my work mates are too polite to say ' Donna I want one ', because they know they take ages and there are a lot of people all 'needing' one at the moment,  but I wanted to give each of these work colleagues something more than a Clinton Card and an (albeit expensive) shop bought thing...

so because I have been away from home a lot recently, and when I have been at home I have been book making, I haven't blogged - or blog hopped...

 here is one of the books I made ( the only one I had time to photograph before it was given away), and now I am off to catch up on other peoples posts...

oh and I must mention, one of my trips was to the grand opening of the Artistic Stampers bricks and mortar shop - twas fab....best raspberry cupcakes Ever....and the stock was inspiring too, I'm back there for class in a couple of weeks,

four fold book with 'locking' center, hand stitched bindings and decorative edges,

copyright donnalouiserodgers

Donna Garner