woyww - red face renditions and a record case

my desk as per the Julia Dunnit Wednesday snoop brigade routine


red fear face acrylic on wood, black tea (cannot be bother to go get milk yet)

desk mess

copyright Sept 2012

I'm working on my collabor-art circle journal, which is the top ten desert island disc thing.  I made a mini record box and made 'albums' to go into the box - see this is a cheat - because I can do my top ten singles but pick them from the 'Best Of' albums and then really I am picking my current top ten performing artists.  See I am a one for bending or ignoring rules (had you noticed?).

Also I am working on a request for a reproduction of my red fear face, it is unbelievably time consuming to get a good archival reproductions.

So here is a word to the wise.  No matter how crap you think your work MIGHT turn out - ALWAYS use the best quality products you can afford, my 'red face' is one of my most popular and asked for reproductions - She is four years old now and the colour quality has not faded at all because I used artist ( not craft ) quality materials.  Alternatively the moment you have something good in your hands get a perfectly focused,  high resolution RAW image of your work so you have the digital version forever.

mini record box and albums

copyright donnalouiserodgers 2012