Fishwife ( get a cup of tea it is a long story)

I was taught how to be lady like in a strange way.   I was called a fishwife if ever I raised my voice or used a harsh tone of voice, to demonstrate the point my Father would give a darned good impression of a Harpy.  Now I think fishwives should all tell my father that he should have used a Harpy analogy, but he didn't...

so I have a very definite image in my heard of a stereotypical fishwife.  I also have one on my desk,

I told you this yesterday, but I could not show you because my camera was dead,

here is fishwife:

FRONT (design me - stamp paper artsy, fish ticket somerset studios)


I made it on a day my brother was here, when I called it fishwife he understood immediately, having been party to my Fathers impressions....yesterday I really wanted to make something  and was oddly frazzled out of ideas mostly because I managed to go to the post office get distracted by charity shops, and return home with all my parcels only for it to be too late to walk back again and today I started work early and finished late ( boxercise class) so poor people waiting for mail are still waiting - so being cross with myself i was struggling to settle into making mode.  However, I blog hopped to Tim Holtz 12 tags ( it cheers me up no end to take the Micheal out of his work which is truly uncharitable and unjustified - and mostly no one knows I do it - and no one ever said I had to adore him so I shall not) only to find an HUMAZING ( better than amazing) metal tag, and I have the die cut ( because I love typewriters - it is the only thing that makes me wish we could go back to a none electronic word processing age)  so I made the tag and loved his tutorial and admired his dedication and creative ideas,

and basically had to eat my words and thoughts in fact: and slightly admired the man

tim holtz september metal tag next to fishwife on my desk

now you people really never had to know I had, in my head, decided to go look at Tim just to feel superior in creative juice stakes, only to find he had out juiced me, except....

I arrived home from work & boxercise & swimming rather worse for wear today , and STILL with my packages unposted, only to find I had RECEIVED mail,  I thought karma was sending me a bill, but NO,  Ann B has sent me the most gorgeous card and girl brooch, and Her card is a typewriter too,  and I know for sure I didn't tell Ann they are my fav things - so YOO HOO thank you so much Ann and please do not ever say your work is not as good as mine because your girl is as good as Tim's tags ( and everyone says how good he is - even me), so in my creative juice ratings your doll,  his tag,  my doll, and my fishwife, all represent what a fabulously artistic creative community we belong to...I really WILL get to the post office tomorrow too, and spread the love

and I only shouted a few times...

Ann Beltchers Doll and card

Donna Garner