California - Not just a dream

Most of you know that I have been in California, mostly so that I could attend CHA.  Jennie (the artistic stamper)  turns some of my drawings into stamps.  She very kindly asked if I wanted to go with her ( I became known as her able assistant).  She kindly booked me into an array of amazing classes and I trotted around the show with her trying not to look too much like a CHA virgin. 

Best moments at Show?  being 'recognised' ( my red face painting) by Suzi Blu and getting a genuine hug, and meeting Dina Wakley who is as gracious in real life as she is on her blog (she didn't want to sign my journal as she worried about spoiling my art!!!!!!)

Most impressive thing I saw? -  I would have to say Disneyland - it is a total work of theatre, and a monument to the history of animation that should not be missed, the scale and attention to detail is mind numbing.

I loved meeting Kristen (the scrappy tree) who forced us to eat ice cream on the Pier at long beach,  leading to temporary hypothermia and too much laughter (our bladders are not as young as they once were).  She also took us to Micheals, Joannes and and Art Store (these anecdotes will have a blog post of their own)

...this is how I'm going to try give you a feel of how it happens:

Today you get a heap of images....with no words, just the pictures,  so you can feel how overwhelming the whole darned thing can be....

then, daily, I will review the CHA classes I attended, one class at a time, so that you can experience some of the up and coming trends for this year, as well as putting your purchased products to good use!

then I will review the show, 

then I'll tell you a few stories,

and in the meantime - I will be mailing out some of the items given to me by the show exhibitors to my faithful and regular blog followers.  This is as a thank you to those who go to great lengths to leave me comments on this little old blog,  

if you receive a surprise from me I would be grateful if you would thank me on line on your blog and put in a link to your favorite post on my blog, if you can drop me an email that you have posted I'll be sure to return the favour..

Donna Garner