Class 2: Ice Resin with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Anita Hickson (left) with Susan Lenart Kazmer (right). I am behind the camera!

Friday Morning  - straight from G45 to the Susan Lenart Kazmer ice resin class. Grabbing a cup of water on the way.  During the ice resin class we were using the recently launched art mechanique and spellbinders combinations.  

Ice Resin is a product I will be using more and more in my own art work. This is a product that bridges the art/craft boundaries.  It requires some skill and patience and I would recommend using the product websites (linked below) to explore the possibilities before you buy. 

Jennie Boxall (right) and Jen Kushman (left)

Have you already attended an ice resin course?  No?  What are you waiting for?  Do It.....I'm sure there will be UK classes popping up soon, keep an eye on the website links below for hot news as the SLK team arrange their tours, it is definitely the best way to learn how to use this impressive product.

Jen Kushman - Ice Resin:  Director of Education and Marketing

The Ice Resin Gals are all committed to relaunching this product in 2013, alongside their exciting new product ranges and collaborations. So watch their space.....

From my CHA class:  Here a few tips I picked up for using ice resin:

READ and follow the all instructions carefully before you start. Yes really.  Read them.  Once you mix the resin it will start to 'cure'.   If you feel any heat then it is ready to be poured;  the 'rest time' of two minutes is just to allow any bubbles created by the mixing process to rise out of the resin; you can leave it longer than two minutes but it will reach a point where it becomes a bit too glutinous to be easy to pour, so be ready with your artwork BEFORE you prep the resin. Seal artwork with a matte or gloss medium or a similar glue prior to applying resin (if you choose to skip this step the resin will infiltrate the paper fibres and make your artwork/paper opaque and there will be a loss of colour vibrancy`), experiment to find the options you prefer.

let resin papers dry on an oil or wax based surface to be sure you can peel it off when it has dried.

touch it to believe it


If you do not use all the resin that you mixed, make sure you have some papers and a plastic waste disposal bag upon which to lay your 'wet' papers to dry.  Use any surplus resin to create resin papers for future projects.  The paper covered in resin will bond to most surfaces so be sure to use a wax/oil base surface to create your resin papers.  Be aware that you are using an epoxy resin so it has bonding properties. Thin papers need only be painted with resin on one side, thicker paper will need a coat both sides.  Edges can be curled, oil based pastels can be used to apply colour accents. Just have plenty of papers ready to one side of your 'main' project so that all the resin you mix is used up. Wash your brushes immediately or you will create expensive ice resin sticks...

ice resin papers - tactile impact - they feel like glass not plastic,  you can cover paper in UTEE and get a similar visual effect but as soon as you touch the paper you will immediately feel the difference.  Ice resin dries perfectly clear.

Be aware this is a truly self leveling product that has an extended time to dry - I waited two days before handling my bezels (deep application), but the resin paper (thin application) was dry in 24 DO NOT MOVE your project once it has been created for at least 2 - 3 hours

Know this: Light things float, heavy things sink -  so be thoughtful about the layers of elements to put into your bezel before pouring in the resin.

class supplies (spellbinders die cuts not shown but used during the class) far left - I bought ice resin before going to CHA and am so glad that I now feel confident to use it!

You cannot FAIL to make beautiful things with this product, but it is not a fast craft slam dunk thing, you need to plan, and be patient - so give yourself the space and permission to be creative over a longer time period than you may usually allow yourself.

my makings (1)

my makings (2)

my makings (3)

My ice resin bezels hanging out at home in my studio- my Christmas angel in the background, I'm thinking ice resin coronets....

the value of the opportunity to talk about ice resin with Susan? - Priceless

an example of Susan's jewelry

SLK necklace


a susan lanart kazmer journal - inspiring stuff. I love the cadmium yellow too!

just bound the edges with metal and create the ice resin 'window'

take time to produce exquisite details

Links - connect up with RSS and never miss a post....

Susan frequently publishes, one of her latest inspirational works can be found in Cloth Paper Scissors

featured in 'cloth paper scissors' - Susan explored her artistic instinct finding inspiration from light bulbs and light shades

detail - the work produced by SLK represents a massive time investment and commitment to the creative process

one last thing - I spent a silly amount of money buying an unnecessary amount of industrial chic from Micheal's-  the whole story and images will feature in a blog post later this week....tomorrow I will share my review of the Vintaj's patina metal class

if you have ice resin in the cupboard and one of the tubes/jars has yellowed - it is still good to use so get it out and have a go.

Last night I made this pendant using ice resin to adhere the message and the mica-  I don't think I could have achieved the same effect onto a found stone with any other product.

Donna GarnerCHA, ice resin