Class 3: Vintaj Patina Metal Effects

Friday afternoon, and straight into class three, Vintaj.  We made five jewelry items at quite a pace.  Some class members struggled to follow the instructions as the team had only been given access to use power point to display their guidelines.   The instructor usually projects her herself demonstrating the jewelry techniques and I defy anyone to explain some of the techniques using words instead of 'showing'. 

This was the first time I had used vintaj for it prescribed purpose.  These pieces of jewelry will make handsome gifts. In adidtion to making the vintaj parts up into necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I think I will continue to abuse the vintaj parts for my own bizarre trinket making.   I thoroughly enjoyed the pace and chllange of this class, and I am in love with the two pendants I made.  I have indeed worn them as pieces of jewelry.  I especially like the filigree wrap technique which make the jewelery as beautiful from the back as it is from the front.

The patina metal effects by Ranger industries were very interesting to explore and I will continue to use these products to get metal effects, especially in combination with UTEE

class supplies

the metal patina paints are available in a fabulous colour range, the metallics are AweSome

using the sanding blocks then glaze, a combination of matte and polished finishes gives the pieces an enamelled appearance with no firing required

the filigree wrap and gorgeous dragonfly makes this piece my favorite

easy enamel finish in five minutes

I think these would be prettier with less colour, it really only takes a tiny pin head size amount of patina to create a beautiful effect.  the back piece is stamped and swiped with black archival ink

beautiful effects

place the bezel in your melt pot and drizzle the antiques rust or bronze powders, place your bits and bobs on top and cover with UTEE - simple and so effective....

don't forget the lovely chains and beads that create the final finished peices


Donna GarnerCHA, vintaj