Class 4: Affinity Beaded Band

Julianna Hudgins led this class and she was highly entertaining as well as informative. 

I have worked on a wooden Prague loom before and gave up in boredom and frustration. 

Julianna inspired me to revisit beading,  and I will now incorporate bead work into my art.  I'm thinking beaded mini book covers with wired ice resin droplets....

Julianna's new loom design makes start up easy and fast; meaning you get into the making at a much quicker rate than using conventional loom designs. 

We were given a loom and all the notions for making a beautiful bracelet, this loom is an item that will travel with me and my bead box so that I have another option for making wonderful creations during long ferry trips!

If you like working with beads and want to speed up your loom work, then I highly recommend purchasing this loom.  The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow, however, if you are a complete novice you might want to sit next to someone who has done it at least once before just so that your set up time is made a little less time consuming.

the loom


not sure what the RRP is but I seem to recall I thought is was very good value for money.

the actual loom. the design makes creating the required tension for the warp fibers incredibly easy

class supplies

finished bracelet (detail)

gorgeous -

measure your wrist to get the perfect fit, then bead to the length of your wrist circumference


Donna GarnerCHA