Woyww? Class 5: Designing Downwards

I am back at my desk and putting everything I learned at CHA to good use, my desk has upon it the makings of an altered image....

drying altered framework with ice resin mail art stamp girl

Today I give you my final CHA review:  Designing Downwards was my last  CHA class.   I love making prints and lino printing in particular.  So Anna Bondoc's paper cuts class was a little piece of heaven for me.   She took us through basic steps and progressed to quite complex layered down cuts, a principle that I will use to 'test' out my reduction lino prints - it is such a good way to check the end result on paper before cutting up the lino (no more holding my breath that I'm cutting the 'right' layer!).

Anna has just published a book (link below) - I have read it cover to cover and used the templates as practice paper cuts, I am fully addicted, and would heartily recommend you give this technique a go.  Anna's approach is unique and you will learn to think differently, especially if you have never done printing or downward cutting before.

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class resources

my design using Anna's template ideas this I am going to reproduce as a reduction linoprint

alternatives using waste cut outs!

buy this book

signed copy -

excellent class with clear easy to master techniques and skills

my favourite of Anna's designs

all you need is a cutting mat a blade some glue and a clean up rubber eraser oh and some card! ignore the molding components they sneaked in the photo and should not be there

I am saddened by the reluctance of many crafters to try creating their own mono-prints when they clearly demonstrate expert skills using rubber stamps to create a printed image.  Paper cutting is a really good introduction to the concept of mono printing, and later in the year I have agreed to do a class for Jennie at the Shop where we will start with a paper cut print and develop it into a lino mono print and the students will leave knowing that they can confidently produce their own designs as mono prints or paper cuts.  Anna's concept is an excellent way to give people practical experience of the positive and negative space created by pattern and print.  A concept that needs to be understood in order to successfully produce interesting monoprints.

journalling in the USA

revisiting my desk - my journal, made from the parts sent by Darcy to me at Christmas, now contains what I fondly refer to as my CHA Chaos.  I stuffed things into here everyday and wrote little notes and stashed receipts so my best memories could be more carefully and coherently explored on my return, some of the chaotic ideas in here will be converted to full art works.

Jennie has ordered in some hemp to retail in the shop - it is a most excellent twine for crochet and embellishments and so very strong

look up Beckah Krahula and buy her zentangle books, it will bring you peace and creativity, or don't look her up and really miss out...

now I am convinced the demo lady on the ranger stand was called Judith - she was so lovely and as well as giving me a canvas she also gave me a sample bottle of the new ranger acrylic paint shown here on the canvas

my assessment of the 'new paint' ?  if you want a VERY thin acrylic that you can apply rapidly using a sponge head to a large surface to produce a wash background you might want to buy it,  it does not have acrylic paint properties when you come to do a second layer over the first application, it behaves more like a dry watercolour wash.  So it's easy to apply more layers and not get mud, a problem a lot of people have when first learning to use paints.  You pay your money you reach your own conclusion.  Don't think I have a downer on Ranger - I cannot live without two bottles of picket fence wash in my paint basket.  I am also a fanatic for dylusions because of their vibrancy.

we went to Micheals and I singularily failed to find anything (and I had a list) that the many people who asked me to pick up stuff whilst i was there - I swear to god the Industrial Chic caused temporary madness and blindness.

O I love using receipts to date time and locate me in my holiday scrapbooks

sample fodder

Dina Wakley signed my scrap book - this is going to be glued into my incoming copy of her book the minute it arrives ( get it from amazon)

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tomorrow I will tell you all about my extra curricular Californian adventures and maybe just share a couple of special personal moments from the CHA floor show

Donna GarnerCHA