customer service

do you provide a public service?

how do you rate your customer service?

okay, now take your opinion and test it against Disneyland California, LA in general and Anaheim in particular.  You will be impressed - I guarantee it. 

I give them 15 out of 10 for customer service, take a holiday there and you will see what I mean.

Today I'm just going to give you a smattering of personal photos with captioned explanations (where they are needed), interspersed with some moments from the CHA floor.

By tomorrow I will have finished my book, done my review, done a piece of art work and will be ready to link up to the Darcy annual link fest.

the Anaheim convention center was an ideal venue

you are beautiful

smooch with Suzi Blu

gorgeous graphic 45 gals

sunset at disney

it's the unreal thing


woo hoo

Donna Garner