Altered Framework - Get to grips with your style

One of the things that people struggle with is developing, and defining, their 'style'. Some people seem to just know who they are, and create from their soul from the day they are born with a definitive style all of their own, signed sealed and copyright protected. Others claim they have no style and are beyond hope of ever having any, let alone one of their very own.

I had to be old to feel comfortable in my (now saggy) skin before my style decided to emerge.  My style is one of beautiful reality.  I take what anyone can see and I see it as it is, but when it becomes a work of my art you'll see it through me, in ways you did not see it for yourself.  My style  contains depths, layers, complexity, fragility but strength. And always a sprinkle of defiance. There will be a story.  

Mail art girl is one of my design stamps (click on the stamps tab at the top of this web page if you want to get her for yourself) that is inspired by Ghosts and Auras, here she is straight stamped onto ledger card mounted and embellished.

copyright Donna Louise Rodgers

stamp available form the artistic stamper

In this next piece she is a paused living doll, trapped in ice resin she is surrounded by lovers, ledgers, flowers and wire, framed in an altered wooden frame that now reflects lilac crackle over a mossed edge.

How? wood frame rubbed down, gesso'd x2.  Painted with lilac watered down acrylic, crackle glazed, dry brushed with green acrylic, ice resin coated papers with trapped beads in wire frames, all wired through the framework, flowers are ice resin coated.

To display:  use the light to find the best place to show off ice resined pieces... click on an image to view in the 'lightbox'

Donna Garner