Liz, Dolores and Darcy

Liz and Dolores have both made special requests,

Dolores wants you all to know that Niall and i will be going to visit her in Slovenia in the Summer, we will be doing a road trip from


to Budapest

it will be one of my travelogue do dars

Dolores also needs a shout out for the sheer amazingness of the Christmas Card she sent me

Dolores amazing card to me for xmas with photo shot as a jaunty angle

Liz - who will get not one more request granted until she blogs.... asked me what Darcy sent me in the envelope that was on my desk on Weds last, she couldn't ask in my comments because, quite frankly, my web server will not support the archaic explorer web browsers....thank goodness for email eh? - use contact tab if you wish.....she made me a card too, probably took her ages (she is very careful and precise).

card made by Liz

Darcy sent me the makings for a journal and did me a page and added some ephemera for the makings, I've done the back bone so I can take it to CHA with me next week and use it to make notes and add samples...I am also taking the SEVEN journals I was given for Christmas so there will be lots of feedback in my next Chaos eZine.  I know Jennie and I will probably work ourselves to the bone.....'tis a tough life.....

i also included Tuire's card to me this Christmas as a page, its the one with the finnish page opposite and journalled some of this last two weeks bits and bobs.

Donna Garner