Rocking my World Friday - mail art and signatures

I watch Carmen and Virginia Rock their worlds every Friday - decided to join in this week.

Saturday - work - uggghhhhhh

Sunday -saw Cloud Atlas with my family - fabulous

Monday - was first home ( hasn't happened in a number of weeks)  so I got the special dog greeting - I am so grateful for my pets,

Tuesday - glad that for the first time in four weeks i didn't have to be at work for 6am or do a 12 hour shift, was asked to do 'dramatic' in life class and did a really fun trauma scene - very cathartic, also found out my eyes are okay - what a relief

wednesday GOT MAIL ART - see below

Thursday actually only worked 8 hours - which was so nice and had Pizza delivered so I didn't have to cook,

Friday - for the first time in five weeks I have the weekend off, I have never had to work so many days before without a break, and such long days,  but it has made me realise how much time I usually have when I only work 40 ish hours a week, I miss being in my home, I miss my family and my animals i miss doing my art, I know also that my plan to finish working for my employer and move to a simple and basic life in France working for myself is the right one. I am looking forward to dropping back down to 30 hours a week as soon as I can.  The horrid workload has made me realise how lucky I usually am to be able to stick to my usual contracted hours.

This week it has been in the moments not the hours or days that I have had snippets of joy, mostly it has been grinding hard work. I also know I will watch red nose evening TV and be very grateful for everything.

here's the mail art from Sarah

I AM an urban gorilla ( not a guerrilla)

and the greeting

and for Kyla - a signature is just the mark up where you position your printing block so you can over print accurately for each press.

place  a piece of paper down and lay your print block down (inked side UP), mark the base position of your print bloc (signature) , place your paper over your print block - print, position a second pressing by placing the block in exactly the same place for another press.

Donna Garner