WOYWW: Addictions

today on my desk I have a finished piece of art and a confession:

hello, my name is donna louise rodgers, I'm an artist and it's been too long since my last piece of art, 

I have an addiction to pens, and ink, and graphite, chalk and oil pastel, watercolour and acrylics, pure medium and mixed media, to bits and to pieces and to general activities related to creating or making

I am hopelessly hooked

I love to paint the Human Form, for in my world of what gets me high, nothing takes me higher than capturing what I see in humanity, when I paint I FLY

I cannot CANNOT resist text, so when I combine all my addictions I feel at peace with my world and all is RIGHT

copyright donnalouiserodgers 2013

this started out as an AWFUL oil painting so I covered it in Grays Anatomy torn out pages glued on as collage papers then overworked in oil pastel and acrylics, torn off segments and generally went a bit two year old art style...

Then I took a sheet of newspaper and the model changed his pose and I did a rapid contour sketch in oil pastel, applied minimal shading and then finger painted acrylics, it's actually the girl with the red hair that inspired the image...there is something interesting about a lounging naked man painted over a scene of freezing eastern european weather....and I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels to squish paint between your fingers and get it under your nails and smudge it onto your nose (without realising it is there until you have walked home)

copyright donnalouiserodgers

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Donna Garner