Saturday Jam in the Sandwich

yesterday was International Women's Day, and tomorrow is the UK Mothers Day so today must be the jam in the sandwich - 'Let the Lady Craft'  Day?

I grabbed three hours in my studio today and decided it was enough time to do a lino print

copyright donnalouiserodgers 2013

you may have already realised I have a 'thing' for typewriters, and books and text, and typography, I think it is the only part of my artistic tendencies that exhibits a love of symmetry and order, perfect line and balance. Usually I am chaotic asymmetrical curves and blobs - eh?

Well anyway - I carved out a typewriter on a piece of hessian backed lino.  To make sure it prints 'the right way round' I drew it on paper first and transferred the reverse image to my lino - which I then carved.  I really like the antique lino cut keyboard right there up against the mac keyboard!

copyright donnalouiserodgers 2013

if you haven't printed from lino cuts before, make sure you have a glass or acrylic perfect flat clean surface to prep your block printing ink (yes you can experiment but  do try it with block printers ink) .  Squeeze out a blob and roll it until you hear the ink 'tacking'... it sounds like tsk tsk tsk as you push - pull your roller - which also has to be perfectly smooth and clean ( or you will get defects in your print)

blob of ink

now you can print - so have your paper ready - for perfection, soak off any size (paper surface treatment)  and semi dry the paper, I have chosen to go for a textured image and I will be printing over a prepared background and I couldn't care less about sizing on the paper surface because it is a textured paper and my prints will therefore be patchy anyway...

Transfer ink onto your lino cut.

Ideally you put your lino cut and paper through a press, if you don't have one, you can use a roller or a burnisher to 'press' the lino cut onto your prepared surface.

first image layer

I left the keys blank deliberately

add keys

copyright donnalouiserodgers

over print using signature marks to position the second press

copyright donnalouiserodgers

copyright donnalouiserodgers 2013

play with the lino cut and the paper you print to, and the effect you can get from the negative images too....

copyright donnalouiserodgers

copyright donnalouiserodgers

three hours later and all the lovely prints are ready to be put to good use....

Donna Garner