Too busy to blog? Surely not...

I have been making so much stuff, mostly baby journals for the collabor- art- ers:  the blogging groups of artists who swap share and make stuff together.

I am taking part in a Suzi Blu course, but I only post that work to the Suzi site where we share our work as a group.

So my own poor blog is looking pretty neglected in terms of posts, so here is something I've posted no where else.

I HUGELY admire the work of Dina Wakley, and was privileged to meet her in the USA, I bought her book and have been following her book tutorials.  I want to use what I have learned, but in my own style.  I really enjoyed copying her step be step and just relaxing and following her instructions.  I made loads of pieces that I will bind into a book, but first I'm going to finish some of my own journalling works to intersperse with the Dina ones.

copyright donnalouiserodgers, Dina Wakley inspired

copyright donnalouiserodgers Dina Wakley inspired

for those of you so kind to keep visiting, only to find nothing new, and who email me to check I am still okay(!) - thank you - and yes I finished the reclining nude,

copyright donnalouiserodgers

I made all my baby journals and mailed them home, I blogged images over at and I did journal my dad page, but that is going into my book with the Dina ones, and so if you want to see that come to the June WOYWW crop and have a look at the real thing.  Carmen - why don't you want a baby????

Donna Garner