Rocking my world friday

I received a circle journal from Virginia this week and as well as mail art and the journal; she gave me holiday fodder, gorgeous stuff that I have been stroking and admiring, and I totally forgot to say thank you, or blog it,

holiday fodder from Virginia

So I thought I could tell you what has rocked my world this week and say thanks, so:

1. Thanks V...

2.  Whilst I know the card was sent tongue in cheek - I am glad this week that I am  a 'graceful under pressure' person,  strong on personal integrity, I have managed to get through the week and maintain our reputation when things could have gone horribly wrong.

3. My son has survived the first week of owning a car and not killing himself or anyone else (although he has scared himself and the neighbours a couple of times...)

4. Remembering I love The Killers courtesy of the CJ (ta Sonja) and enjoying listening to their latest album

5. Being so busy and climbing so many stairs that I have not gained a single pound but have eaten gluttonous amounts of chocolate this week (= graceful under pressure but gives in to chocolate when stressed)

6.  Falling in love with my Man for standing up for me (and he even knows when to do it as usually I am firmly standing on my own two feet without assistance)

7. Driving down the street only to see my brother (and dog) stranded mid poo and in need of a 'sac pour merde de chein' (dog poo bag) and being able to emergency stop hazard lights flashing and fling an (empty) poo bag at him shouting at the top of my voice "YOUNG MAN PICK THAT UP", only to be applauded by passers by...(who didn't know we are related!)

8. Feeling like I am okay about things that I cannot do anything about, losing that horrid sense of being overwhelmed, finally being able to talk to someone about Sarah without crying

9.  Loving sending off mail art babies journals and things and getting junk in the mail everyday

10 Being a small part of a big world, I like to thing I am making a difference.

Donna Garner