how long have we got? the race is ON

here's one to do before you die:

travel from Bayeux (do the tapestry) and Winchester (do the cathedral) in the same day

be open to the history - walk the same path people have walked for over two thousand years in a 12 hour stint. Cram centuries of history into one day and tell me your head isn't spinning.

Then tell me that humanity isn't impressive -  if you can -  after seeing what we are capable of.  It struck me that, if you want to be remembered forever,  you need to make an impressive mark on the world - and usually it isn't for being nice.


As I left England on my birthday 17th April -  a lady was buried. Now she won't be forgotten...and my best friend laid her father in law to rest too,

as I returned to the UK another lady was laid to rest, I knew her from when we were both 18, in our group we did the maths and statistically we knew by now a number of us would be dead some, as in her case, to cancer.

she was 48, as am I, and my mom died 37 years ago of breast cancer at age 36 - I always thought it would be me that would be the statistic of the one in four, and yet here i am.

 Alison spent her whole life in service to others.  She made a difference to a huge number of people and now she is gone.  If you are anywhere near 50 sand certainly if you are 60 I'm sure if you pull out the graduation photo of your cohort a number of them will no longer be with us either.

She did not have long enough. So many don't.
Today I am grateful I have time to waste and no end of life to face just yet.  I will die happy knowing, unlike my Mom, I saw my kids grow up.  That was the biggest tick I needed on my bucket list - all the rest is gravy.

Here is a gallery of images from the last five days - click on the image to see in full screen

Please make sure you give generously to the race for life this May.

Donna Garner