what's on my workdesk this wednesday?

a cat and a catch up,

Schrodinger's cat

Also on my desk - makings from Saturdays 'Vickies Stampers Club' this here is a collapsible box type thing card do dar what not,  that was taught by Jo of Jozart, I did mine as a collage and added metal

my version of the 'box' card

other people did some lovely designs

we also did speed tag making in a pass the parcel style to limber up before the serious stuff, all done to a good old sing song (good for the soul)

some of our group are more shy than others, but we all know how to have a good time, and despite us all having a bit of bother in our lives at the moment, coming and taking part in this group on Saturday lifted all our spirits, I perhaps will also mention Neet - who I will go visit in virtual space to check out her desk in a minute, was unable to lead her class, so Jo and I charged to the rescue with the speed tagging and box card making... I so hope Neet is taking it easy and recovering from her 'hiccough'

Lynne gave me a most gorgeous belated birthday card

Jo in full on teach mode

I stayed at Jo's the night before and we were talking until 2am, she gave me bags of good stuff, and I still have to mail her her goodies, but did remember to drop off a couple of promised items to her...it was so fantastic to be in a 'real' group and have crafting fun.  If you are anywhere near Warrington/Padgate the group can be joined via the Yahoo group called Vickies Stampers - just follow the joining instructions.

Donna Garner