what's on your workstation Wednesday (under)

so I am half way through making a couple of Junk Keys - one for Sandra De and one for Voodoo V.  I aim to post by end of week, the ATC is in an envelope, addressed, stamped and waiting for me to get to a post box...at which point I wonder where the week went - oh yes, gobbled up by our new pack member Lily... she rather loves Bob....I picked her up on Saturday from Crafty Dawn,


after I had given a lino cutting class,which was most excellent fun, and because it went so well, I intend to do more of them.


I can't say I have done much since Saturday except go to work, come home and then play with Lily and spend time loving my two old boys into adopting her into the group...

Lily and Bob

a deskers paradise

Donna Garner