WOYWW - here's my advice aka - Post Party Review

it started with a hen night for Morti, and, for me,  the party lasted 8 days...

morti paints her dragon

we painted goblets for Morti as a hen gift, we being her friends old and new, i caught Julia in what I think is a most lovely shot... 

she doesn't share you know.... 

let me tell you - it is rare to see those lips touching and so still....


after the hen party I went to spend a week with Lizzie -  all I can tell you is that there was much arty farty ness and general lazing around, we went to see Mal at the Artistic Stamper Art Bar and met up with Jennie - had a good chin wag,


next day we met up with Dolores and Alan and had a fab lunch, and it was wonderful to see Dolores again on the Saturday at the WOYWW crop

 back to Wiltshire for the crop, Morti had me to stay again, on the Friday Sarah (Flo) came over to Morti's and we worked on Morti's wedding bouquet, we persuaded Morti it really was time to join Collabor-art and they convinced me to geocache.

Saturday was a hoot, thank you to every one for the ATC's - for some reason Sandra De and Annette (voodoo vixen) are not listed in my thank you scrawl, I need to mail out to you guys


and send to a few others who kindly mailed me ATCs


I also need to Mail Out to the next person on the WOYWW list from last week, who still needs to send me their address - please click on the contact tab at the top of the page and mail me an address so I can get it sent out to you.

and so to the advice, 

if you are going to make something? 

make friends and keep them,  

you won't go far wrong if you do.... 

oh and if you are struggling to tell me shtuff in the old disqus thing - use the F button - and log in using your facebook account. 

No facebook account? - well really, like I say - make some friends - engage with the enemy - use facebook - stay in touch.... 

Highlights of the weekend? discussing life with the Dynamic Duo and watching Morti doze at the dinner table...meeting Shaz Silver Wolf and Mr Silverwolf, sitting next to a glamour glitter puss,

Lasting and abiding memories from this last Saturday? 

Watching my Mr D play ping pong with LLJ and graciously He did NOT give away my embarrassing moment in Wales...despite group pressure.

 Deep joy at seeing women happy , feeling loved,


watercolour male copyright donnalouiserodgers

Donna Garner