Fancy A Smash Scrap Book but want to make your own?

Bound to Become Befuddled by Bindings?

Ten videos, ten minutes each,  Ten ways to make them all and in the darkness bind them (Lord of the Rings reference...)

Intro is on the blog, leave comments there or use the contact tab....there is a second short video for each Mosh Book to show how the basic models are enhanced by embellishment doodad and general arty farty ness

Mosh Book One: Making Of

Mosh Book One: Finished

Mosh Book Two: For artist's on the Van Go Go

Mosh Book Three: Part 1

For preserving memories, making up stories, and playing tag...

Mosh Book Three: Part 2

Finishing and Binding

Mosh Book Four:  Good Food:  Glue and paper bindings

Video 4c is long to give you the details on the bindings...I suspect this would need to be an in person tutorial, unless you already have good ideas about how to bind things...the essense of this technique?  Don't Don't Don't get hung up on appearances, the strength of the binding comes first - make it pretty later, and make sure you only stick the spine attachments together like altered book tip ins - don't stick your whole pages together or it will all end in tears...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Mosh Book Five: Comb Binding and Fabric Folder

Mosh Book Six: A canvas bound, coptic stitched thing, video 6a shows how to do the covers spine andsignatures, 6b  shows the stitches,

Part One

for a pdf on coptic stitching (in my opinion the best) go to [PDF] Coptic Stitch

Part Two: The Coptic Stitch

Mosh Book Seven

Click this link to see my sketchbook digital scanned book, just join up and do a book...

Mosh Book Eight

Join a group and do a round robin altered book, or just alter a book by yourself,

Part One: Altered Images

Part Two: How to do a button window

Mosh Book Nine: Meerkat Simplicity

Last but not least a piano hinge skewer affair with a very interesting sound track....

I was right - it was recording

Mosh Book Ten: Cheesecake and Cursing